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We help to overcome temporary shortage of Finance & Controlling Management resources

The Interim-Manager is the ideal partner to provide "Know-how-on-time":

  • for a finite timescale (ideally with a clear completion date)
  • at predictable costs (per diem rates and expenses)
  • as full time or part time 
  • with a short notice period

The Interim Manager is typically hired
to plug a critical management gap caused by :
  • longterm illness
  • parental leave
  • dismissal
  • sabbatical leave

The Interim Manager is getting the work done. Urgent management tasks can be addressed and resolved with competency. You will have enough time to either recruit a permanent replacement or await till your employee is back.


to take over Project Management or Project Controlling i.e.
  • reorganization and restructuring
  • change of generations
  • change of owner
  • launch of a company or subsidiary
  • merger & acquisitions
  • set-up  a new Controlling- and Reportingsystem
  • realization of the Sarbanes-Oxley-Act
  • preparing the IPO 
  • implementing an ERP-Software

We get a project back on track or resource a one-off project that the internal team is not equipped to deliver.


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